Long-Lasting APTIV Film-Based Labels Provide Hospitals With Improved Tracking And Safety Benefits

30th April 2012
News Release from: Victrex
Written by : ES Admin
Long-Lasting APTIV Film-Based Labels Provide Hospitals With Improved Tracking And Safety Benefits
Hospitals and medical facilities have been seeking a solution to the issue of peeling, cracked and missing labeling of their most critical instruments. Permanent identification of medical instruments, for instance, endoscopes and forceps, is difficult due to sterilization and upstream washing processes. Conventional labels, such as those produced by laser engraving, are degrading over time, resulting in mis-indentification and the inability to track and monitor equipment.
Specifying labeling based on APTIV films made from high performance VICTREX PEEK polymer from Victrex Polymer Solutions, German-based company S+P Samson GmbH, a specialist in industrial marking, has been able to produce extremely durable labels that withstand harsh environments. These labels are able to better handle aggressive cleaning and sterilization processes used in hospitals today. The APTIV film labels retain their properties after multiple cycles of steam and chemical sterilization and are also able to tolerate high doses of radiation including gamma radiation.

The labels provide various options like a QR code that allows a scanned code to be applied on a piece of equipment that links to web pages or computer programs leading to easily traceable information of the instruments. The other benefit of using this labelling system is the option of retrospectively labelling older equipment. The combination of the film and the unique secondary processing techniques available offers the solutions that quality management teams onsite are looking for.

APTIV films are the most versatile high performance thermoplastic PEEK films on the market that are available in sheet thicknesses of 6 microns to 750 microns. APTIV films are FDA compliant and provide simple, cost effective processing options for greater design flexibility. These films are known for their excellent resistance to wear and abrasion and have minimal moisture absorption. Also, APTIV films are electrically non-conductive and are resistant to aggressive chemicals such as those used in ethylene oxide (ETO) sterilization.

Victrex Polymer Solutions help customers and end users achieve the greatest possible benefit from the use of its high performance materials to achieve cost effective, reliable solutions for long-life applications of today and in the future. All of this, backed by more than 30 years of experience, makes Victrex the only company in the world that can offer this level of specialized support.

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