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Solving stepper motor design challenges

In this video tutorial, STMicroelectronics will review first the PowerSTEP01 applications, basic control principles, then the key differentiators of the PowerSTEP01.

The age of the engineer

Every day, we eliminate the barriers between inspiration and the realisation of world changing technologies.
11th July 2017

How does a stepper motor work?

Stepper motors are the one of the most widely used motor type due to its simplicity and position control capability.
26th October 2016

Powerful motor created for British Antarctic Survey

British Antarctic Survey contacted maxon motor uk with a requirement for a powerful motor with high torque, in a small diameter, to fit in their ice core drill. They needed to be able to vary the speed and get constant torque even at a slow speed; yet still be able to get the maximum torque.
13th July 2016

State-of-the-art anthropomorphic robot hands

Introducing Rich Walker, Managing Director, Shadow Robot. Shadow designs and manufactures state-of-the-art anthropomorphic robot hands and related systems. In this video Rich Walker talks about the company and its relationship with maxon motor uk.
15th March 2016

A guide to specifying weed and trash screens

Flood defence schemes and drainage systems depend on the unhindered flow of water, either using gravity or with the assistance of a pumping station. In either case, a properly specified and designed screen can provide an invaluable defence in preventing blockages and debris from damaging pumps. 
10th March 2016

IR Video Shows Massive Californian Gas Leak

A recent online article by NBC Los Angeles reports how a FLIR Systems GF320 optical gas imaging  camera has made visible the Aliso Canyon  leak from Southern California Gas (Sempra) natural gas storage field that threatens the Porter Ranch community in Los Angeles County.
13th January 2016

One-Minute Jaw Changeover Featured In New Kurt DoveLock Quick Change Jaw System

Seeing is believing – in just one minute, machinists change vise jaws with ±0.001 repeatable accuracy! Changing the Kurt DoveLock jaw setups is fast, simple and extremely precise and reduces jaw change time by 90%. 
5th January 2016

New video shows 3D profiling of rubber seals with the LMI Gocator

A new video from STEMMER IMAGING shows how the LMI Gocator 2 Series 3D smart camera can be set up to carry out profiling of rubber seals to show if they are properly seated. The demonstration shows 3D profiling of rubber seals in polybutylene pipe of the type used extensively in plumbing applications.
16th June 2015

Engineer It: how to easily tune your stepper motor

Learn how to overcome the pitfalls of current regulation when tuning your stepper motor using Texas Instruments' new adaptive decay technology.
11th December 2014

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