Solid carbide drill designed for high-temp alloys

9th October 2017
Source: WIDIA
Posted By : Alice Matthews
Solid carbide drill designed for high-temp alloys

Manufacturer of cutting tools, WIDIA, has announced that its TDS45x drills are available in 3.0-20.0mm (0.1181-0.7874") diameters and length to diameter ratios of 3xD, 5xD, and 8Xd. Hole straightness and accuracy is assured, even without a pilot hole. Users of WIDIA’s TDS series drilling solution are already familiar with its performance in steel, cast iron, and non-ferrous alloys.

Now those shops that routinely drill stainless steel and superalloys can get enjoy its benefits as well, with a new drill that takes proven holemaking technology and kicks it one step further. It’s called TDS45x, and the company claims that it's going to improve how aerospace, medical, oil and gas, and other manufacturers make holes in tough materials.

Patrizio Cresta, Manager Portfolio Management WIDIA Holemaking Products, says the TDS line was already designed for customers facing difficult cutting conditions. TDS is suitable for inclined exits and entries, unstable setups, and intersecting holes. As a result, TDS offers supposedly the lowest cost per part and highest metal remove rate in its class. Further, the series is often the platform of choice for make-to-order and custom drilling solutions.

Those attributes - and more - are also found in TDS45x, except that the new series drill is designed specifically for high-temp alloys and austenitic stainless steel. Here are a few of the details that supposedly set the new standard in holemaking apart from competing solid carbide drills:

  • Thanks to an improved gash design that uses a continuously increasing rake angle together with optimised coolant holes and straight cutting edges, TDS45x offers tool life in even the most challenging materials.
  • Its double margins increase the tool’s stability, while the highly polished flute and steep core, smaller cross-section reduces friction. This provides improved chip evacuation and more predictable processes.
  • The patented TDS point means there’s no need for a pilot hole; speeds and feeds can be increased while cutting forces are reduced.
  • TDS45x also uses a fine-grained carbide substrate for greater toughness and less risk of fracture. And an h6 high-precision shank makes it suitable for shrink-fit toolholders, resulting in better hole quality - up to IT8 is possible in some cases.

If you’re wondering what the 'X' stand for, it indicates flute length, with TDS451 at 3xD, TDS452 at 5xD, and TDS453 at 8xD length to diameter ratios. All are available in diameters ranging from 3.0-20.0mm (0.1181-0.7874"), and all have through the tool coolant, a 140° point geometry, and a proprietary PVD AlTiN coating.

WIDIA’s WM15PD provides extreme hardness even under the elevated cutting temperatures common with high-strength chromium-nickel alloys. Couple that with a new post-coat treatment and flute polishing, and tool life is improved by an average of 10-30%.

The TDS45 can be re-sharpened as well. Up to five regrinds are recommended, although further sharpenings are possible if some small amount of flute wear is acceptable. Considering its greater tool life and wear resistance, reduced cutting forces, maximised feedrate and spindle speeds, and improved hole accuracy (without a pilot hole), TDS45x is sure to find a preferred spot in the tool crib of anyone facing the challenges of stainless steel and superalloy holemaking.

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