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How igus energy chains can help in water treatment plants

Water treatment plants or sewage treatment plants are harsh environments. They are full of chemicals, bacteria and waste. 

VOTW - igus e-chains working on indoor cranes

The igus e-chain is a great alternative to busbar and festoon systems and thanks to the various orientation options, these can be assembled in warehouses and on indoor cranes. 
18th March 2021

Polymer telescopic rails, now available in various colours

Telescopic slides are used within all kinds of applications, from kitchens, furniture to aircraft and automotive. 
2nd March 2021

VOTW - Just like child’s play

This weeks Video of the Week shows how easy the igus module connect 'plug and play' system really is!
26th February 2021

Video of the Week: compost and recycling plant

For extreme environments, it is vital that your energy and data supply is protected. igus energy chains withstand dirt, humidity and other harsh environmental factors in industries such as recycling and composting plants.
18th February 2021

VOTW - The E4.1Lean- save up to 80% assembly time

With its easy opening design, the E4.1L e-chain can be filled 51% faster and closed 86% faster when compared to the E4.42 series. 
11th February 2021

Robolink DP for all flexible automated applications

Robolink DP has been developed by igus to enable engineers’ access into automated solutions using low cost robotics.
28th January 2021

SCARA cable solution for high speed applications

igus has developed the e-rib to safely guide cables inside corrugated hoses.
20th January 2021

Video of the week: The triflex swivel arm

For applications where you need to connect a supply direct to axis 2, the new swivel bracket from igus is ideal. 
11th December 2020

Video of the week - YE.42 e-chain; Cherry Picker retrofit

    The hybrid energy chain YE is a combination of both lightweight plastic and tough steel.
30th September 2020

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