Void filled with 2400 RPM Permanent Magnet EC Motor

8th December 2015
Posted By : Jacqueline Regnier
Void filled with 2400 RPM Permanent Magnet EC Motor

NovaTorque has introduced 2400 rpm versions of its 3hp through 15hp models, with rated efficiencies of 93.5 to 95%.

Until now, when the desired operating point of a fan fell in the 2200 to 3200 rpm range, the designer was left with less than optimum choices. One could over-speed a 4 pole 1800 rpm motor or turn down a 2 pole 3600 rpm motor. Both choices result in a significant loss of efficiency, and the 3600 rpm choice often results not only in the reduction of efficiency, but also the need to move up to the next HP rating, adding costs to both motor and variable frequency drive (VFD).

NovaTorque’s innovative motor design has opened the door to the creation of a number of motor models with new speed ratings, including its unique 2400 rpm motor offerings. This will allow designers to select a motor with a rating much closer to the ideal operating range of the fan. Further, in many cases, the motor will be one full frame size smaller than the alternative AC induction motor, reducing weight, cost, and possibly VFD size.

In addition to the unique speed rating, NovaTorque’s 2400 rpm motors retain all the advantages of its 900, 1200, 1800, and 3600 rpm line of motors. These include: 30% to 50% reduction in motor losses and 5% to 20% reduction in energy usage when compared with NEMA Premium induction motors. NovaTorque motors are compatible with all leading VFD brands. They are produced in NEMA dimensions for easy substitution, and the all-ferrite (versus expensive rare earth) magnet design allows them to be priced competitive with AC induction motors.

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