New MIPS CPU is heterogeneous inside and out

13th October 2016
Posted By : Anna Flockett
New MIPS CPU is heterogeneous inside and out


The new MIPS Warrior I-class I6500 CPU has been announced by Imagination Technologies (IMG.L) as a multi-threaded, multi-core, multi-cluster design that delivers new levels of system efficiency and scalable computing for many-core heterogeneous designs. 

Target applications include Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles, networking, drones, industrial automation, security, video analytics, machine learning, and others which increasingly rely on heterogeneous computing.

Today’s heterogeneous SoC designs require a mix of high-performance CPU clusters and GPU or accelerator clusters all processing common datasets. The I6500 provides a highly scalable solution which can coherently implement optimised configurations of CPU cores within a cluster (‘Heterogeneous Inside’) as well as a variety of configurations of CPU clusters and GPU or accelerator clusters on a chip depending on the requirements of the system (‘Heterogeneous Outside’).

EVP MIPS Processor IP, Imagination, Jim Nicholas said: “With the I6500 we are setting a new standard for scalable, heterogeneous many-core designs – and providing a highly differentiated solution for visionary companies that want to transform markets. One of these visionary companies is Mobileye, which is leading the way in ADAS and autonomous driving technologies with advanced, proven technology that continually pushes the envelope of innovation.”

The I6500 CPU will be at the heart of heterogeneous coherent processing clusters in Mobileye’s next-generation EyeQ5 SoC, which is designed to act as the central computer performing sensor fusion for Fully Autonomous Driving (FAD) vehicles starting in 2020. The EyeQ5 will feature eight multi-threaded MIPS CPU cores coherently coupled with eighteen cores of Mobileye’s Vision Processors (VPs).

 The VPs provide exceptional computing power within extremely low power budgets by combining Mobileye’s broad range of algorithms for mono/multi-camera driver assistance/ autonomous systems, supported by its special vision accelerators and Imagination’s MIPS CPUs for ultra-efficient, real-time processing and control.

Elchanan Rushinek, SVP engineering, Mobileye, said: “Imagination’s multi-threaded MIPS CPUs have helped us achieve performance increases of more than six times with each successive generation of EyeQ SoCs. Now with the EyeQ5 we are looking at an eight times increase. The combination of Mobileye’s VPs and MIPS CPUs enables us to provide unrivalled computing power on a single processor while maintaining a very low power budget and the hardware virtualisation capability in the I6500 CPUs provides a solid foundation for an open software platform with multiple operating systems.”


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