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Terahertz imaging of graphene paves the way to industrialisation

Terahertz imaging of graphene paves the way to industrialisation
Graphene Flagship researchers have developed a new measurement standard for the analysis of graphene and layered materials that could accelerate production and optimise device fabrication. X-ray scans revolutionised medical treatments by allowing us to see inside humans without surgery. Similarly, terahertz spectroscopy penetrates graphene films allowing scientists to make detailed maps of their electrical quality, without damaging or contaminating the material.
1st March 2021

Promoting workplace equality in materials science

Promoting workplace equality in materials science
To help ensure equal and inclusive work conditions in STEM, European research initiative, the Graphene Flagship, is holding a career event as part of its Diversity in Graphene programme. The Diversity in Graphene Career Event 2021 is a digital event, taking place over two days, 8th to 9th March 2021. The first day will include sessions on topics from equal opportunities in STEM, to the experiences of diverse Graphene Flagship speakers working in industry and academia.
22nd February 2021

Breakthrough for the 2D materials sector

Breakthrough for the 2D materials sector
Graphene Flagship researchers have reported a new method to integrate graphene and 2D materials into semiconductor manufacturing lines, a milestone for the initiatives recently launched 2D Experimental Pilot Line (2D-EPL) - a €20m project to bridge the gap between lab-scale manufacturing and large volume production of electronic devices based on two-dimensional materials.
17th February 2021

Unlocking thousands of new materials

Unlocking thousands of new materials
Cheese, bacon, tomatoes and peanut butter - weird and wonderful burger toppings are all the rage, but some combinations are more appealing than others.  Layering several elements can be a formula for magic, and the same is true for nanomaterials. Here, Mar Garcia Hernandez, work package leader at the Graphene Flagship explains the potential of experimenting with Graphene and Related Materials (GRMs).
14th December 2020

STEM careers beyond the lab

STEM careers beyond the lab
There are a host of STEM careers outside the traditional academic pathway, giving young scientists more options than they might have initially thought of. Here, experts from the Graphene Flagship European project explore some of the alternatives available.
17th November 2020

Graphene goes to space

Graphene goes to space
Graphene Flagship partners, Université Libre de Bruxelles, University of Pisa and the University of Cambridge, in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Swedish Space Corporation (SSC), launched a rocket into space from Kiruna, Sweden back in June. The experiment aims to test the possibilities of printing graphene inks in space. Studying the different self-assembly modes of graphene into functional patterns in zero-gravity will enable the fabrication of graphene electronic devices during long-term space missions, as well as help understand fundamental properties of graphene printing on Earth. 
9th October 2019

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