Innovative fore and high vacuum portfolio at Hanover Fair COMVAC

5th April 2017
Source: Leybold
Posted By : Anna Flockett
Innovative fore and high vacuum portfolio at Hanover Fair COMVAC


Hanover Fair COMVAC is again this year the meeting place for the international compressed air and vacuum industry from 24-28th April. Leybold vacuum specialist, based in Cologne will also be using the stage to present its vacuum portfolio to the audience.

The DRYVAC PowerBoost pump-down system - the first intelligent pump system
With DRYVAC PowerBoost, Leybold presents the fastest and most energy efficient pump-down system on the market. This system also offers several cost reduction potentials.

DRYVAC PowerBoost solutions offer 60-120% more suction speed than previous generations of pump-down system. As a result, the number of required load lock pumping systems can be reduced by up to 40%. Of course, similar results can be achieved for already existing production systems that now operate with only one pumping system.

With the reduction of the required systems, the operating costs decrease. Furthermore, installation costs and floor space are also considerably reduced. The intelligent software of the PowerBoost system automatically detects the cycle length of the pumping process and optimally adapts to the conditions for the shortest pump-down times and highest noise reduction.

Oil-sealed screwtype vacuum pump VACUBE
The VACUBE screw vacuum pump has been developed with the aim of providing high-performance support for industrial applications with rough operating pressures. Their compact size allows easy installation and system integration. The smallest model of the pump family claims the footprint of a standard pallet.

Compared to other products of the same performance class, the pumps of the VACUBE series consume significantly less energy and offer an extremely high suction capacity. In addition, the pumps operate very quietly - two important aspects in modern workplaces, which have to work energetically efficiently and have to provide optimal working conditions for employees. The low energy requirement is due, among other things, to the integrated operating program with control and monitoring functions for VACUBE. The ‘intelligence’ and the simple ‘plug-and-play’ installation predestine this type of pump for use as a central vacuum system.

VACUBE can be equipped with an energy recovery option. This enables the recovery of up to 75% of the electrical power and significantly increases the efficiency if the hot water generated in the process can be used in the process. The user saves operating costs and optimises the use of energy resources. The integrated highly effective oil return system prevents the contamination of the pump environment and the working area by lubricants and process particles.

Equipped with these features, the VACUBE vacuum all-rounder fits into processes and applications of very different industries:

  • Food processing and packaging
  • Central vacuum systems in laboratories or drying plants
  • Transport of material (transport vacuum)
  • Assemblers (e.g., battery, capacitor)
  • Pipeline drying
  • Wood processing

Claw pump family CLAWVAC
As a further fore vacuum pump, Leybold introduces the CLAWVAC dry vacuum pump. In addition to the applications already mentioned for the VACUBE range, the CLAWVAC is also suitable for drying and sterilisation processes and environmental technology applications. Furthermore, it is used in extruder degassing.

The uncomplicated handling of the robust pump can also be traced back to its functional principle: In the CLAWVAC, a claw rotor pair rotates completely contactless and wear-free in the cylinder. The CLAWVAC differentiates itself from conventional claw pumps mainly through its material selection. Stainless steel rotors as well as the corrosion-resistant coated vacuum chamber also prove themselves under very harsh process conditions and contribute to a reliable operation.

The compression room of the CLAWVAC allows a simple disassembly and cleaning by the end user. This includes the removal of the rotor pair and its easy reassembly without a need for complicated timing adjustment. This is a favourable feature for customers running dirty applications, which so far needed to ask for cleaning by the manufacturer’s staff. This design principle also enables a quick exchange of individual components. In sum, the set-up ensures minimum standstill times and low service costs.

The ECODRY plus was developed to match the requirements for systems such as mass spectrometers and electron microscopes. It is also suitable for large-scale accelerators due to the absence of dust or oil contamination. It offers a high degree of comfort, suction power and flexibility. The pump family is available in the sizes 40 plus and 65 plus, as used in analytical or research laboratories. This pump class is positioned exactly in the transition area between small laboratory equipment and large machines.

However, the most important innovation is undoubtedly the reduction of the noise level. At an average of 52dB (A), the sound level of the ECODRY plus is below a conversation at room volume. In every day operation and compared to the relevant competitive products of its class, the pump, which is designed for ergonomic working environments, yields the lowest noise emissions.

TURBOVAC - for efficiency in analytics
Leybold will also present the innovative pumps of the product line TURBOVAC i/iX90 to 450l/s with integrated drive electronics at the Hanover Fair COMVAC. The iX version incorporates a vacuum system control unit for plug and play pump system operation. Leybold has developed a tailor-made vacuum system for the analysis market as well as R&D and industrial applications based on this turbo-molecular pump range.

The series is suitable for ultra-high vacuum applications and easy installation in compact pumping system solutions. In analysis cycles with increased sensitivity, it guarantees an uninterrupted running of the devices with minimal vibrations and noises. This is especially important for this market: In class comparison, the pumping speed for light gases is significantly higher and compression has improved many times over the previous pump generations.

While the 350i and 450i are intended for processes with small fore vacuum pumps, the TURBOVAC T 350i and T450i models have a classic rotor design for high gas loads. The positive consequences are faster acceleration times and a higher insensitivity to particles. All variants have in common that the oil-free hybrid bearing concept (permanent magnetic bearing and life-lubricated ball bearing) offers reliability. In addition, it eliminates the need for oil changes and enables a problem-free and fast pumping of the pump at full speed.

Oil diffusion pumps DIJ series
The Leybold high-vacuum DIJ diffusion pumps are a further addition to the portfolio. Due to their additional ejector stage, these new diffusion pumps achieve a high and stable gas throughput even in the 10-2 to 10-3mbar range. The innovative heating concept ensures optimised energy transfer as well as optimised thermal insulation for lowest energy consumption. An optimised housing design with connections for both ANSI and ISO components as well as various electrical connection variants facilitates flexible worldwide use of the pumps.

These new diffusion pumps are also available with the already proven ‘Energy Control Unit’, offering energy savings of more than 50% compared to unregulated standard pumps, depending on the process cycle. The DIJ line of pumps will become first choice in the all areas of the vacuum industry.

ION Sputter and titanium sublimation pumps
In applications that require pure, hydrocarbon-free and reliable high and ultra-high vacuum, the TiTan ion pumps and Titanium Sublimation Pumps (TSP) developed and manufactured by Gamma Vacuum in the USA, have many advantages. Gasses are bonded in the ion-getter and titanium sublimation pumps by means of sorption.

This energy-saving type of vacuum generation does not cause vibrations or noises and offers low power consumption. It makes them well suited for many research, industrial and medical applications and in a wide range of analytical instruments.

The Titanium Sublimation Pumps (TSP) can be combined with ion pumps or used independently. Combined with an ION pump, they quickly reach a low final pressure. All TSP components are bakeable up to 400°C, like the ion getter pumps.

The Gamma vacuum ion pumps are designed for operating times of 45,000 -50,000 operating hours at 1x10-6mbar – longer even at lower pressures. They are capable of generating pressures below 1x10-10mbar. ION pumps are used in many sizes and configurations. They can be operated in any position and due to their different sizes in low and tall profile variants even in limited space conditions.

With all Leybold components, customers can choose from a wide range of configurations and sizes, depending on the requirements. In addition, Leybold advises and manages the users' application experience throughout the entire process - from the definition of the system requirements to the tailor-made after-sales support. Project-specific, economic and production-related experiences are part of the project support, with the aim of developing future-proof vacuum systems.

The Leybold team will be at the Hanover Fair COMVAC, on stand E10 in hall 26.


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