Multi-component technology for sealing elements and components

20th October 2017
Posted By : Anna Flockett
Multi-component technology for sealing elements and components

Parker Hannifin’s Engineered Materials Group now offers a wide range of advanced multi-component solutions featuring diverse material combinations such as rubber/plastic, rubber/metal and plastic/plastic. The integration of several components or functions in a single component opens up new development opportunities and savings potential to users in various industries.

Multi-component technology combines components made of different materials in an integrated moulded part. These composites are not limited to elastomer compounds featuring diverse properties but, due to the use of multi-component injection moulding technology, include a wide range of so-called hard/soft composites where a thermoplastic material or metal forms the hard component (carrier) while the soft component consists of an elastomeric material. There is a chemical bond between the carrier component and the elastomer which can be created either with or without the use of a primer.

New development potential due to extensive freedom of design
Due to the combination of the specific advantages of various materials in a single component, completely new development potential can be realised. Extensive freedom of design enables the creation of complex yet compact and weight-saving geometries and extended component functionalities. As a result, products which, in terms of economic feasibility, would hardly be achievable or only with great difficulty using conventional methods are possible this way.

Savings potential due to reduced requirements
In addition, the integration of several components or functions in a single component offers the user further benefits and savings potential, for instance in the form of a shorter process chain, simplified assembly and reduced requirements in logistics and quality assurance.

Diverse applications in various industries
Thanks to the large compound selection and combination options, Parker Prädifa is able to produce multi-component products for a wide range of automotive and industrial applications. Examples include housing components with a static sealing function (also in relevant IP protection classes), housing components with rotating shafts, electric motors, drive system seals or seals with positive/-non-positive locking retention. Quality assurance options for these products include dimensional inspection using AOI (automatic optical inspection) and others.

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