Unsurpassed speed and process reliability

3rd February 2016
Posted By : Jacqueline Regnier
Unsurpassed speed and process reliability

The VOSS Type 90 Comfort preassembly device is now revolutionizing the market for the series production of tube assemblies with DIN tube fittings. The highest degree of process reliability in cutting ring preassembly and up to 60 % shortened cycle times are only two of the convincing results when using the device.

All around the world, innumerable kilometers of tube assemblies are manufactured daily and are used in highly varying stationary and mobile-hydraulic systems. What they all have in common is the demand for safe and cost effective tube connection components. First choice is often a cutting ring system which, assuming it comes from a high-quality manufacturer, offers high leakproofness with exemplary assembly. For correct preassembly, various aids are available on the market - from manual ring preassembly studs for individual assembly in a vice and service machines for the construction site up to preassembly devices for series production. The mechanic is responsible for correct adjustment and handling in most types of assembly. But it is exactly this fact that harbors error potential. Cutting rings can be fit incorrectly. Unsuitable cutting rings might also be selected. Lines that are incorrectly preassembled are not always recognized and put out of service; that is especially the case with frequently changing or inexperienced staff. The consequence: Leaks on machines and plants that have to be remedied by the service technician, sometimes involving high costs - not to mention the loss of image. Even if these are exceptional cases and high-grade cutting ring systems can offer a very high degree of protection against leaks – the connection technique specialist VOSS Fluid will not settle for this status quo. That is why the firm has put a new preassembly device for series assembly of cutting rings on steel and stainless steel tubes on the market: the type 90 Comfort. The machine provides the highest degree of process reliability at unsurpassed, fast cycle times.

Say goodbye to assembly errors!

The new preassembly device provides a huge safety bonus by combining automated operating and handling processes along with reliable error detection. The mechanic only needs to set up the preassembly device with the tube to be processed along with the correct, wear-resistant VOSS tool and start the preassembly process. From this point, the Type 90 Comfort independently takes care of all other tasks. The latest technology is used for automatic identification of objects: The preassembly device’s piston has an RFID reader and all tools are equipped with an RFID chip. As soon as the machine is set up, it reads the tool chip and sets the required operating pressure. The pressure and path-dependent preassembly then starts immediately. That means every mechanic can achieve a precise and consistently reproducible result with ease. The high degree of automation effectively prevents operator errors even during constant tool changes. The only conceivable problem would be incorrect machine setup. But in these cases the integrated error detection immediately intervenes: The preassembly device reliably detects all every possible defect - for instance an incorrectly positioned or missing cutting ring - and promptly indicates this on the display. Accidentally overlooking a warning is made impossible. The mechanic has to manually acknowledge the information to be able to continue the manufacturing process. The result is a maximum of process reliability in serial cutting-ring preassembly.

Fast as lightening and ultraflexible

But the VOSS preassembly device does not merely deliver outstanding results for process reliability. The cost effectiveness of system deployment is also reflected in the extremely short cycle times: For small diameters the speed per cutting ring assembly is about 1.8 sec., for larger outside tube diameters of 42 mm approx. 2.5 sec. Compared to the predecessor model, VOSS Fluid customers can even reduce their cycle times by more than 60 % on average. On top of that, the preassembly device offers maximum flexibility during manufacturing. The sophisticated machine design supports smooth processing of highly varied tube geometries. Even tight 180° elbows and especially bulky pipework routing can be preassembled in high quality. This is made possible thanks to the V-shaped recess on the device’s twin piston. If required, the Type 90 Comfort can even be used for preassembling BV-10 flared cones and ZAKO neck rings with the aid of a machine conversion by VOSS Fluid. The device ensures the highest degree of process reliability for these tube connection components also. With constant, path-dependent assembly, excessive tightening of cones becomes a thing of the past, for instance.

Tailor-made system settings

Every company that decides in favor of a new preassembly device receives a machine that is completely tailored to its individual requirements. That involves the number and layout of the wear-resistant tools along with optional additional equipment such as foot switches or left-handed operation. The customized configuration and calibration of the machine is taken care of onsite by a VOSS service technician. Based on master parts, if necessary there is separate programming and password protection for every tube material and every diameter. A USB connection provides a facility for external storage and archiving, which also makes program transcription to other devices easy. Subsequent adaptations for special applications are also feasible with ease. The freely programmable counting device provides the shop foreman a facility for statistic evaluation; even the date and time of an error message are reproducible.


The new preassembly device is especially suitable for companies that place great importance on process-reliable, rapid and cost effective preassembly of cutting rings or that often process tubes with tight radii. In summary, the Type 90 Comfort from VOSS Fluid produces these results:

  • The highest degree of process reliability in cutting ring preassembly
  • Extremely fast cycle times across all tube sizes
  • Precise, reproducible assembly results
  • Independent prevention of assembly errors
  • Assembly even with the tightest tube elbows
  • High tool service lives

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