High torque rotary voice coil actuators

18th July 2018
Posted By : Alex Lynn
High torque rotary voice coil actuators

It has been announced that H2W Technologies has developed several high torque rotary voice coil actuators, otherwise known as limited angle torque motors or LATs. 

The model TWR-015-346-2RC was designed to allow for a low moving mass (68 grams per coil) and inertia, as well as dual independent coils to allow for two independent motion profiles or couple the coils together to double the torque output. 

This rotary voice coil actuator can generate a continuous torque of 1.29nm and a peak torque of 3.88nm at a duty cycle of ten percent in each coil on a 102mm rotation arm. By coupling the coils together, the continuous torque doubles to 2.58nm with a peak torque of 7.75nm at a 10% duty cycle. 

The TWR-015-346-2RC has a total angular displacement of 15° and a motor constant of 0.24nm/sqrt(watt) per coil or when coupled together the motor constant is 0.34nm/sqrt(watt). The voice coil motor requires 1.33A of continuous current per coil and 4.0A of peak current per coil to generate the specified forces. The actuator fits in and envelope of 111.1x75.9x41.5mm.

The moving coil design ensures a hysteresis free movement as the coil is wet wound and self-supported, and the non-commutated coil allows for ripple-free motion and no cogging. The voice coil actuator has been designed with mounting provisions in the magnet and coil assemblies. This allows for the integration of a bearing system to maintain the clearances between the coil and permanent magnetic field assemblies. 

The rotary voice coil actuator is suited for applications requiring high torque and high-speed applications. Examples of such applications are driving a gimbal axis in scanning applications as well as providing stabilising torques for image stabilisation.

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