Brushless blowers & fans provide design flexibility

25th June 2015
Source: AMETEK Inc
Posted By : Siobhan O'Gorman
Brushless blowers & fans provide design flexibility


A wide range of electronically commutated brushless motors, fans and blowers that provide OEMs with design flexibility during the product development, as well as a level of product control, efficiency and long life in application, have been introduced by AMETEK.

AMETEK Windjammer and Nautilair blowers utilise Intelligen II controller technology with custom embedded software that provides end users with the lowest cost of operation along with such functional benefits as noise reduction. Their full-wave commutating electronics enhances versatility by providing functional performance options, protection features and increased customisation potential.

The technical benefits of AMETEK’s motors, blowers and fans support OEMs and their customers with in-the-field, on the fly performance adjustments, real-time diagnostic readings, and other advantages. The various technical features of these motors, blowers and fans allow their use in many unique applications. Among their features are controllability and universal usage at varying power inputs that allow their use in such high-reliability applications, such as medical equipment and high-performance business machines.

Functional controllability is especially useful for applications that derive efficiency and operational improvements through variable speed performance, whether linear, non-linear, or step function operation. On-board signal level controllability allows end users to vary speed without any adjustments from the main input power supply.

The ability to ‘dial in’ a specific operating point in a ‘real-time, on-demand’ environment eliminates wasteful energy costs associated with over performance. By permitting a series of discreet ‘step’ speed levels, designers can tune product performance to very specific and unique design and operational requirements.

AMETEK blowers are fully programmable so end users do not need to develop their own ‘hard’ control schemes, but can take advantage of a multi-wire input for specific operational functions, including closed loop speed control, maximum speed set, electric braking, current limit, over temperature, locked rotor and others. The blowers also are designed to operate at the highest possible aerodynamic efficiencies, lowering their cost of operation and making them better suited for energy efficient or battery operated systems. All are powered by AMETEK’s highly reliable brushless DC 12 or 24 motors, which now feature a tachometer output signal as a standard option.

Electronic motor/blower controllers can be designed to accept continuously variable input voltage levels, specifically 83VAC through 264VAC, while maintaining similar product performance across the input range. Universal Drive, or UD, provides OEMs with the advantage of using the same model number for all domestic and international products, eliminating the need to procure additional models, allowing for maximum usage flexibility worldwide, freeing product developers to focus on design improvements and other features.

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