A bright future for skilled welders

3rd May 2016
Posted By : Jacqueline Regnier

Recent job cuts and the state of the economy could be seen as a cause for concern for a number of people considering welding as a career option. Many are confused by the seemingly contradictory information they sometimes receive about the future of the industry.

It is important to point out that many of the industries that employ welders are becoming more technologically sophisticated in their efforts to increase productivity and remain competitive in the global market. Consequently, the future pool of workers will likely be smaller, smarter and more adaptable. In other words, to succeed in the coming decades, you don’t just need to be trained and then a few years later retrained. You need to demonstrate a continuous improvement in your education. The main skill you need is the skill to learn more skills.

Even now there are many welding jobs going unfilled because employers can’t find workers with the right skills. People are beginning to realise the career benefits welding offers, but jump into the industry without fully realising how to make those possibilities a reality. As a consequence, they add to the bulk of unskilled workers that are unable to find employment in an increasingly diverse and innovative field.

UK based Weldability Sif is working to help the current and upcoming generation of welding professionals to take advantage of the thousands of current and future jobs available to skilled workers. Weldability Sif’s Learn To Weld division offers state-of-the-art training facilities and a dedicated welder training website www.learn-to-weld.com, where you will find courses, services and certifications for all welders – from beginners to established professionals.

Weldability Sif provides information about the education and certification requirements for various welding career paths, as well as direct links to job opportunities via www.ukweldingjobs.com. Weldability Sif also has partnerships with 28 UK colleges providing engaging welder training courses designed to fit the needs of today’s welding students. Virtual Reality Welding, Practical Welding, and Interactive eLearning provide access for students to learn at their own pace from classrooms to laptops at any time or place.

Just as becoming a successful doctor or lawyer means seeking additional training in order to be competitive on the job market, success in welding also requires verifiable special training to really maximize your potential.

Get ahead and secure your ideal welding job, by qualifying in the skills you need, with a Learn To Weld course from Weldability Sif.   Advance your career and make sure your skills remain up to date, check out the courses available at www.learn-to-weld.com and book your place on the new ‘Responsible Welding Co-ordinator’ course, for fabricators welding to CE / EN 1090 standards.

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