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IR Video Shows Massive Californian Gas Leak

A recent online article by NBC Los Angeles reports how a FLIR Systems GF320 optical gas imaging  camera has made visible the Aliso Canyon  leak from Southern California Gas (Sempra) natural gas storage field that threatens the Porter Ranch community in Los Angeles County.

One-Minute Jaw Changeover Featured In New Kurt DoveLock Quick Change Jaw System

Seeing is believing – in just one minute, machinists change vise jaws with ±0.001 repeatable accuracy! Changing the Kurt DoveLock jaw setups is fast, simple and extremely precise and reduces jaw change time by 90%. 
5th January 2016

New video shows 3D profiling of rubber seals with the LMI Gocator

A new video from STEMMER IMAGING shows how the LMI Gocator 2 Series 3D smart camera can be set up to carry out profiling of rubber seals to show if they are properly seated. The demonstration shows 3D profiling of rubber seals in polybutylene pipe of the type used extensively in plumbing applications.
16th June 2015

Engineer It: how to easily tune your stepper motor

Learn how to overcome the pitfalls of current regulation when tuning your stepper motor using Texas Instruments' new adaptive decay technology.
11th December 2014

Direct drive robotic arms support lean automation

Expanding its range of cost-effective modular robolink  systems, igus  introduces the robolink D direct drive articulated arm – a tougher, more durable solution compared with remote drive versions – supporting lean automation. Typical robotic applications are repetitive tasks, such as on assembly lines and pick-and-place equipment. To support this, the new robolink D system is completely modular due to the direct drive situated within each joint, which helps achieve significant cost savings.
16th October 2014

ECS improves maintenance operations at Colwick Sluice

The Colwick Sluice in Nottingham is a key component of the flood defence apparatus designed to protect the city; one that the Environment Agency (EA) has been upgrading in order to improve the efficiency of essential maintenance work. As part of this project ECS Engineering Services has installed a new semi-automated stoplog deployment system which provides the EA with ‘dry’ access to the sluice gate mechanism, speeding up operations considerably. 
16th October 2014

New video demonstrates 35% higher productivity on an Index CNC lathe

The second in a new series of machine tool videos has been released by Geo Kingsbury. It shows that a component can be turned and milled 35 per cent faster in a German-built Index C200 twin-spindle lathe compared with using the next fastest machine of similar size and configuration from another manufacturer.  
10th October 2014

CFV easy strain relief for cables

Energy chain specialist igus has unveiled its latest accessory for e-chains and e-tubes, the CFV strain relief element. This offers the chance to strain relieve cables outside of the chain cross section, even in enclosed energy tubes. The CVF ensures that cables within the moving e-chain do not move around when moving and with a stepped design to secure cables of different diameters, it ensures simple installation when strain relieving several cables.
18th September 2014

Laser cutter basics with Ben Heck

In this video, Ben Heck of the Ben Heck Show demonstrates his laser cutter and creates something awesome for Alyson!
28th July 2014

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