LogTag keeps tabs on perishable goods

10th September 2007
Source: Isatec Ltd
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LogTag keeps tabs on perishable goods
Isatec Ltd, a UK- based supplier of industrial software and microwave moisture measuring technology, is introducing a product that promises to cut the losses from wastage dramatically for shippers of perishable goods.
Isatec is marketing LogTags, a range of credit-card sized data-loggers. Manufactured by New Zealand based company LogTag Recorders Ltd. LogTags are designed to monitor the temperature and humidity of shipments such as perishable goods and pharmaceuticals during transportation and storage. LogTags are approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for dealing with chilled, frozen, deep frozen and quick frozen products

Capable of operating accurately at temperatures as low as -40 degrees centigrade, the LogTag range of products can monitor conditions in refrigerated shipping containers, cold rooms, or storage facilities. Their small size and light weight makes them easy to handle and simple to include in packing containers. LogTags create real-time visibility of whether cargo shipments are set to spoil, enabling shipping and transportation companies to take pre-emptive action.

Frank Daugherty, a Director at Isatec Ltd., commented, “Companies are paying through the nose to ship spoiled goods around the world. A significant percentage of perishable goods shipments are wasted by the time they reach their destination. That means a big cost to the bottom line for companies throughout the supply-chain.

LogTags utilise a simple flashing Light Emitting Diode (LED) that gives an immediate indication that conditions have stepped outside preset limits (temperature, humidity) and further investigation is required. The stored data can be downloaded in a few seconds to a PC or laptop by sitting the LogTag in the USB connected docking station and utilising the free software package. Any environmental transgression can then be easily pinpointed and rectified for the future thus minimising spoilt product, and production and transportation costs.

The LogTag HAXO-8 is capable of storing 8,000 pairs of time stamped humidity and temperature readings at a sampling frequency which is adjustable from 30 seconds to several hours. After downloading, the data is simply erased and the LogTag is ready for further use.

The LogTag TRIX-8 temperature logger complies with EN12830:1990 for transport, storage, and distribution of chilled, frozen, deep frozen and quick frozen products, and has been approved by WHO.

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