Drive components for the mining industry

5th August 2013
Posted By : Nat Bowers
Drive components for the mining industry

The Tsubaki Group has released a new brochure providing solutions for drive components in the mining industry. Tsubaki currently manufactures many different sizes of mining chain for several major OEMs.

It is this experience which affords it the expertise required to design upgrades for applications in the mining sector which meet the ever-changing needs of the industry.

Tsubaki uses alloy-grade steels which are heat-treated to precise specifications and assembled with the heavy press-fits necessary to withstand the punishment of today's more powerful, high production mining equipment. The complete line of mining chains includes Feeder Breaker Chain and Super Shuttle Car Chain, as well as various chains which are widely used in drill rigs, rotary breakers, face/roof drilling, reclaimers, under cutters, preparation plants, continuous miners, roof support machines and continuous haulage systems.

Surface mining

As the extraction and processing of the raw material is done in the most demanding of environments, components on the machinery in these applications need to excel in tough conditions. For these applications Tsubaki offers a wide variety of tried and tested heavy duty roller chains, conveyor chains, reclaimer chains, engineering class sprockets, back stops, electro mechanic actuators and protection devices for use on equipment or in plants such as drill rigs, feeder breakers, rotary breakers, mining shovels and conveyors.

Underground mining

In this extreme environment shock loads are high and chain and/or sprocket failures can take hours to repair. Thus, efficient and reliable extraction can mean the difference between profit or loss. In this environment, all the equipment must be as reliable as possible and provide maximum performance with minimal downtime. For these harsh applications Tsubaki offers its specially designed shuttle car chains, heavy duty chains, and chains for continuous miners.

Specialty mining products

Tsubaki has also designed and manufactured its own line of top-grade carbon steel, alloy, and stainless steel sprockets for use with its chains to maximise reliability in mining applications. It has developed a revolutionary series of Back Stops, Cam Clutches and Power Lock devices which can be utilised in various applications and industries to help improve safety on the mining site. Cam Clutches and Back Stops allow freewheeling or overrunning in one direction, and driving or backstopping in the other, protecting both the equipment and employees, while Power Locks eliminate backlash damage to keyways from heavy loads.

New technologies

Tsubaki has developed a surface treatment for its chain and sprockets that provides superior corrosion resistance and significantly extends the service life of the components. The revolutionary mechanical plating system forms a lasting bond to the steel and is recommended for use on any equipment that may be exposed to external conditions, chemicals or salt water.

The LG (lube groove) technology used in its G7 chain has been patented and, when combined with the seamless bush, can effectively double the wear life over previous bushes. The lube free Lambda chains have provided superior performance through the use of a high performance sintered bush, which is impregnated with oil. These and many other developments have proven that Tsubaki products can provide excellent performance as well as reduce overall maintenance costs.

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