WorkNC-NCspeed Integration

11th September 2007
Posted By : ES Admin
WorkNC-NCspeed Integration
Toolpath control to optimise the running of CAM generated files, reducing running times and extending cutter life
If you have a valid license of WorkNC, a fully automated operation of NCspeed together is possible. Each NC-path generated and postprocessed by WorkNC will be transferred to NCspeed for optimization. All important parameters of the milling path like tool dimensions, path to path distance, z-step and feedrate are transferred too.
WorkNC Version 15 and higher contains all necessary tools for the NCspeed integration.

NC Speed tool path optimiser

NCspeed is the tool path optimiser that works directly with WorkNC tool path files.
Do you need your machines to have greater efficiency, lights out running? But your machine has an older control, without “look ahead” functions.
Tony Grew, founder of ForeGone Solutions said “This is the time that UK toolmakers need to improve the offering to their customers. With Global competition reaching all time high we understand that to survive, we must be better. All engineering operations need to run at the optimum conditions, pure speed increase is not the answer; we can all turn up the feed and spindle rates. But to be efficient we need to look at what the cutter is actually doing when it is working. If the load exceeds the machine & tool recommendations, we need to SLOW the feed, but when side cutting with a low load, there is the possibility of SPEEDING the feedrates “.

The advantage of NCspeed is that it is not CAM dependant, it has its own library of materials and conditions (customisable), this can be configured to a multitude of machines within your organisation, Then the machine is selected at the Post Processing stage.
For example on a semi finishing tool path, the tool can speed up in areas where the loading on the tool is low (but still in working to achieve the best finish). Then when it reaches an internal corner, there is a greater than expected amount of stock. This is where traditionally, either the tool will squeal, break, or the user will turn down the feed to allow for the corner, and of course this only happens when the user is present, If he is to be absent, the whole tool path feed rate will be turned down to allow for this problem area.
When the whole project is taken into account, projected savings can be as high as 30%. Tool life is prolonged, Machines are better utilised, and “lights out” machining is performed with confidence.
Even the latest machines, with modern controls, and great look ahead can benefit from NCspeed, because they cannot predict the material removal from previous cutters and stock allowances specified.


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