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Celebrating STEM career diversity in construction

Celebrating STEM career diversity in construction
British Science Week, which in 2021 takes place from 8th to 13th March, celebrates the broad range of jobs and careers available in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) industries and promotes STEM to younger generations by providing activity packs and school projects. While children learn the core sciences, like biology, chemistry and physics as part of the curriculum, many are yet to understand how to apply the knowledge to real life situations.
10th March 2021

Engineering considerations for hospital standby power

Engineering considerations for hospital standby power
With UK hospitals experiencing year on year growth in patients - up 21% from 2009 to 2019 - and 2020 as a year like no other, healthcare operators are thinking hard about their back up power. Here Bradley Morrissey, Bid Manager at Finning UK & Ireland, the region’s exclusive distributor of Cat energy and transportation systems, explains the engineering considerations when upgrading hospital backup generators.
25th January 2021

The generator sweet spot

The generator sweet spot
In cycling, sweet spot training involves placing the body under sustained stress, but not so much stress that it cannot be held for a long duration. It can be defined in relation to a percentage of the cyclist’s functional threshold power and aims to increase the cyclist’s fitness, while getting the most out of their time. Here Clinton Noble, Diesel Generator Sales Manager at Finning UK & Ireland power systems, explains how generators, like cyclists, have a sweet spot that can mean operators get the best out of their investment.
9th December 2020

Are temperatures rising too high for UK power?

Are temperatures rising too high for UK power?
In August 2020, roadside recovery provider, Green Flag predicted a surge in breakdowns due to the UK’s hot weather - 15 drivers were predicted to break down every minute over the period of the heatwave. As well as creating issues with tyre pressure and chemicals in car batteries, hot weather can cause engines to overheat. Facilities managers need confidence that the same won’t happen to the engines in their back-up generators.
29th October 2020

The perfect recipe for affordable energy

The perfect recipe for affordable energy
Cooking using leftovers and cheap ingredients, also known as Cucina Povera is a tradition that spans across most of Europe. From the Neapolitan soffritto to British black pudding, some of the world’s most iconic dishes derive from the need to use readily available resources effectively. Over time, these cunning recipes have become a part of our identity and culture. So, given this proud part of our history, why are we not extending the same creativity to efficient power generation?
21st August 2020

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