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Revised Generator Protection Application Guide Now Available

A newly revised Generator Protection Application Guide is now available for download free of charge from the Basler Electric web site. Basler Electric developed this guide to simplify the process of selecting relays and relay systems to protect generators.
21st March 2013

Intelligent Thermal Motor Protection with the Basler BE1-11m Motor Protection System

The largest contributing factor to motor failure is excessive motor heating. The life of the motor is shortened if the winding temperatures are allowed to exceed their insulation class levels for a significant amount of time. It is usually assumed that, for every 10°C above the design temperature limit, life of the motor is reduced by a factor of two. Therefore, aggressive application of intelligent thermal motor protection must be implemented to get maximum return on these very large and very critical capital investments.
6th September 2010

Application Note Offers Basler’s Solution for NEBB Regulators

Basler’s newest Application Note, EX-NEBB, focuses on the NEBB, a six model series of voltage regulators designed by ABB Oslo in the 1970s. There are an estimated 5000 units currently operating in the world, mainly in marine and offshore applications and some on-shore generators.
27th July 2010

How to Select the Appropriate Basler Electric BE1-50/51B Model

Basler’s latest Application Note PC-5051B02, explains how to select the appropriate BE1-50/51B model for IAC or CO replacement.
10th December 2009

Register Now for Basler’s 44th Annual Power Control and Protection Conference October 5 – 8, in Fairview Heights, IL,

Basler Electric's Power Control and Protection Conference provides both an excellent overview and an in-depth look at specific aspects of controlling and protecting electrical generating power systems
25th June 2009

Basler Updates Free Spreadsheet for Determining Overcurrent Relay Time Dial Settings

Basler has updated its Time-Current Characteristic Curves spreadsheet tool to include new curves. It can be downloaded free of charge from
17th April 2009

BE1-11f Feeder Protection System Announced

The BE1-11f is a feeder protection system that includes user-configurable protective functions to meet basic and extended protection requirements for any feeder circuit. It is available in a fully drawout half rack case.
2nd February 2009

DECS-400 digital excitation control system from Basler

Basler’s DECS-400 digital excitation control system offers the perfect solution for replacing only the components that need replacement - specifically, the analog portion of the MGR - and keeping the power rectifier bridge, power potential transformer, ac field breaker, dc field flash contactor, etc.
21st August 2008

Application Note EX-SCTPPT Offers Basler’s New Solutions for Aging SCT/PPT Voltage Regulators

Application Note EX-SCTPPT provides solutions to the aging voltage regulator situation, where obsolescence of parts has made it difficult to achieve reliable operation.
6th August 2008

Application Note EX-AMPLIDYN Highlights Basler’s Retrofit Solution to Aging Amplidyne-Type Excitation System

Application Note EX-AMPLIYDN outlines the solutions available from Basler Electric to help owners assure continued long life for the aging generation system.
28th July 2008

Basler Power Control and Protection Conference Gives In-Depth Look at Power System

The Basler Electric Power Control and Protection Conference, September 29 – October 2, gives attendees a good overview and an in-depth look at controlling and protecting electrical generating power systems.
24th July 2008

Application Note EX-DIAC2 Offers Basler’s Solutions

Application Note EX-DIAC2 describes the fundamental operation of the Diactor and provides Basler Electric’s preferred solutions using the DECS-400 or DECS-200 Pan Chassis for replacing this obsolete electromechanical voltage regulator.
23rd June 2008

Prepare for NESC 410.A.3 NOW with Basler’s Arc Flash Solution

Basler Electric Company has developed two new versions of the popular BE1-50/51B utility grade, “plug & play” relay that will help electric utilities meet the NESC 410.A.3 requirement.
28th May 2008

Basler provides new replacement for obsolete overcurrent motor protection relays (IAC66K)

Basler provides new replacement for obsolete overcurrent motor protection relays (IAC66K)
In continuing to provide the protective relay market with the newest innovations for replacement units, Basler Electric is offering a microprocessor-based BE1-50/51B-230 as an exact “plug and play” replacement for the obsolete General Electric 12IAC66K relay. You can obtain additional details on the BE1-50/51B-230 from the Plug-and-Play features flyer - ttp:// flyer.pdf
10th September 2007

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