Lift truck attachments for factory fit programme

22nd January 2019
Source: Hyster
Posted By : Anna Flockett
Lift truck attachments for factory fit programme

Three types of lift truck attachments, with ten possible configurations, are now available straight from the factory as part of the original lift truck build, Hyster Europe has announced.  To meet the needs of many different industries, Hyster has added two factory-fit multi pallet handler attachments, plus a 360° rotator attachment. No matter which configuration is chosen, all provide quick interchange and come with a two year, or 4000-hour, warranty.

“Factory-fit attachment options make it easier than ever to select a complete handling solution with reduced truck preparation lead time,” said Matt Hardy, Industry Manager for Hyster Europe. “By fitting the attachment to a Hyster lift truck at the factory, we can provide our customers with consistent solutions and maximum performance.”  

“Quality is controlled with every attachment fitted to ensure that it works optimally with the truck purchased,” Hardy continued. “And for specialist applications, the Hyster Special Engineering Team can also work with businesses to adapt the attachments to meet particular operational needs.”  

Multi pallet handlers  
The new factory-fit multi pallet handler attachment helps customers boost productivity by handling one or two pallets, side by side, up to a maximum load capacity of 3,200kg.  Depending on the needs of the application, UK/CHEP or EURO pallet options are available on selected new Hyster electric and IC 2 to 4.5 tonne lift trucks.   

To support efficiency in different operations, there are six available attachment configurations with the multi-pallet handler offered by the Hyster Special Engineering Team.  Solutions such as alternative forks lengths or sections, telescopic forks, alternative opening / closing ranges, additional load stabilisers are available on request.  

“Double pallet handler attachments help transfer goods quicker and load/unload curtain sided lorries faster, supporting productivity in many applications,” says Matt. “The new attachments, fitted directly at the Hyster factory, are built for exceptional robustness in arduous applications such as logistics, beverage bottling and glass or pallet manufacturing.”  

To work productively with the attachment, hydraulic functions are easily operated from within the driver’s cab giving smooth, fast and synchronised fork adjustment with a separate sideshift. The adjustable fork spread also gives increased pallet support to help minimise damage.   

“For the best results, you need more than just the right attachment. You need a lift truck that is tuned to help that attachment work at its best,” said Hardy. “For example, having the right amount of oil delivered to an attachment is important for reliability, as overheated hydraulic oil can damage seals and hoses. Models such as those in our Fortens series make maximum hydraulic flow adjustable through the dash display using Mini Levers, without a need for extra flow dividers bolted onto the cowl.”  

“The Autospeed Hydraulics feature on the Hyster FT forklifts also gives the driver the power needed for hydraulic work without the need to press the accelerator and use an inching pedal, making working with attachments more comfortable and productive,” continued Hardy.   

360° Rotator Attachments  
To turn loads upside down, Hyster Europe is now also offering a factory-fit 360° rotator attachment for use with selected new 2 to 3.5 tonne lift capacity trucks from both electric and IC series. The rotators can empty containers or boxes and can be useful in applications where the working cycles require partial or full load rotation.  

“Drivers can rotate loads by activating one hydraulic function inside the cab, providing fast, continuous rotation both ways and excellent visibility,” said Hardy. “They also benefit from easy and fast forks mounting and positioning thanks to a new fork fixing system.”  

The 360° rotator attachments are typically used in metallurgical, foundry and chemical applications as well as automotive, paper, waste management and food processing operations, including fishery and agriculture. There are four different models available offering a wide range of capacities and options to suit the application, and particular foundry and fishery versions can be specially engineered on request.  

“To help maximise uptime, applications using the new factory-fit programme will be supported by their local Hyster distribution partner, whose engineers are trained to provide full servicing for the attachment,” concluded Hardy.

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