Butters AMT introduces its FUSOR range of multi-process welding machines

11th September 2007
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Butters AMT introduces its FUSOR range of multi-process welding machines
Butters AMT has introduced its FUSOR range of multi-process welding machines. This range launches with four extremely versatile machines, all of which are ideal for use in a variety of industrial sectors including automotive, agriculture, transportation (trains, HGVs…), marine, construction, power generation and petrochechemical. They are also ideal for applications where certain welding technologies may be prohibited due to EMI.
Heading this new Butters AMT range is the FUSOR 160, a multifunction (MIG, TIG and MMA) single-phase inverter-based machine with built-in wire feed. It has: MMA electrode welding with variable arc force; TIG welding Lift Arc with variable downslope and a minimum current of 5A; and MIG welding with variable, stepless adjustability.

The 160 is joined by the FUSOR 303 P, FUSOR 353 SP and FUSOR 503 SP, all of which are three-phase multi-function synergic machines with four modes of operation: MIG pulse synergic, MIG twin-pulse synergic, TIG with Lift Arc and MMA electrode.

Julian Knowles, Butters AMT’s Technical Director, comments: “There’s an increasing demand for multi-process welding machines. For example, they are proving very popular in workshops that do not see sufficient demand for an individual welding technology to justify the purchase of separate machines. A multi-process machine is also a sensible purchase to provide back-up when single-process machines are in use.”

Knowles goes on to say that, thanks to the use of the latest microprocessor-controlled power electronics, today’s multi-process machines deliver real benefits to users. “They’ve certainly shaken the Jack-of-All-Trades-Master-of-None image early multi-process machines had and, certainly where the FUSORs are concerned, they now deliver the best of each of the welding technologies they provide.

The FUSOR 160’s cabinet is compact (measuring only 470 x 205 x 355mm) and the unit weighs only 13kg making it the ideal machine for site work. At 40% duty cycle it has an impressive output of 150 Amps in MMA mode, 160 Amps in TIG mode and 160 Amps in MIG mode - but due to the power inverters efficiency only requires a 16A fuse.

As for the three-phase pulsed synergic machines, cabinet sizes are the same for all powersources at 600 x 300 x 560mm. The 303 P compact weighs 50kg and the 353 SP and 503 SP powersources weigh 45kg each (plus additional 14kg for wire feed units). Output power at 35% duty cycle ranges from 300A for the 303 P to 500A for the 503 SP. Further, all three pulsed synergic machines have 99 memory locations, allowing users to store and recall on demand regularly-used machine settings. All three machines have ‘MIG Twin-Pulse’ facility for welding aluminium which allows for a TIG like finish at the speed of MIG welding and the possibility to weld thinner material.

All four FUSOR machines exhibit excellent dynamic responses and welding characteristics, plus all are made to EN 60974/1 – EN 50199.

Knowles concludes: “All machines in the FUSOR range deliver excellent weld quality and users benefit from having multiple welding processes to hand to suit a broad range of applications.”

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