Lantek highlights commitment to further international growth

22nd February 2017
Posted By : Alice Matthews
Lantek highlights commitment to further international growth

Supporting clients both in terms of geographical proximity and in the development of their businesses is the objective of Lantek’s new Sales Manager, Juan José Colás. He has proven experience in foreign markets in the machine tool sector and is committed to continuing Lantek’s international growth.

In this interview he explains that his goal is to be close to clients and to strengthen the Lantek Advanced Manufacturing concept, which provides the scalability needed to assist the client in future expansion.

18,000 clients in over one hundred countries, offices in 15 countries and international business making up 85% of sales, is building on this the main challenge to maintaining Lantek’s leadership position?
Exactly, but it is a good challenge because we find ourselves in very interesting times. It is evident that Lantek is on the right path with internationalisation and this data is motivating. However, the message must be that we have no room for complacency, since we have a great responsibility because we understand that the market expects more from us. The objectives continue to be the same, but the environment is different. Connectivity and digitisation are already realities and have changed the rules of the game. That's why it is a challenge for us to remain in this leadership position.

What are the key growth countries for Lantek?
These have to be the ones in which transformation is more evident and where advanced manufacturing solutions form part of day-to-day operations. In the case of Lantek, this coincides with those countries in which we are already established and our structures have a more consolidated position.

What determines if Lantek is present in a country in one way or another?
There are several factors, but a fundamental one is the concentration of clients. From the point of view of development and the maturity of the market, being close to our clients with one of our own offices or a subsidiary provides us with many advantages. But it is also important that manufacturers have the strategic vision of developing their businesses with advanced solutions.

What steps is Lantek taking to satisfy and take care of its clients overall?
Our global presence is supported by data: We have over twenty offices and a presence in fifteen countries, alongside our network of distributors. We are about to launch a new subsidiary in the United Arab Emirates to be closer to the many clients that we already have in that area. Our strategic perspective may even have us take further steps in this area of interest.

What does Lantek Factory provide to the commercial strategy?
Lantek Factory is a concept that we have internalised and which we have been talking about for a while. A solution by itself isn't enough anymore; Lantek Factory provides something more, a package of solutions, in addition to knowledge for its efficient management. It cannot be ignored that Lantek Factory uses a concept of platform architecture on which the connectivity and scalability needed to accompany clients into the future is based. The implementation of these systems allows clients to scale the business from where it is today to wherever it may take them.

Should Lantek be the essential ally in introducing its customers to the concept of Industry 4.0?
Yes. Lantek plays a role which, in this case, goes beyond concepts such as mobile operations, an integrated management system, e-commerce, etc. The digitised and connected version of the factory, the change towards decentralised management models, of both machines and plant, forces us to equip ourselves with tools of a particular intelligence that enable us to analyse our businesses and which force us to anticipate situations more, rather than just reacting to past events. The amount of data which passes through our systems is very large. The specificity of Lantek’s systems has the capability of collecting it, interpreting it, and building a smart algorithm making it possible to work in a more planned manner.

In what areas do you expect new business niches to arise?
We have adopted a concept that is an extension of Lantek Factory, which is Lantek Advanced Manufacturing. In the sheet metal world, which is where Lantek operates, there are times when the number of orders doesn’t allow for proper planning for materials or stock. Or, at the very least, it becomes complicated, when a large amount of data related to consumption, geometries, or clients is processed. Lantek’s solutions have the ability to integrate all of this data, manage it correctly, and develop tools that provide real intelligence to the plant or set of plants. And that is precisely where we see a clear niche opening up: multiple-plant management.

What will the strategic alliance reached between Lantek and Bystronic mean for Lantek's clients?
Undoubtedly, what the client will receive is greater homogeneity when combining our areas of expertise, both that of Bystronic as a machine manufacturer and that of Lantek as a provider of plant management systems. In addition, clients will benefit from maximum levels of efficiency in the implementation process.

During the months you've spent with the company, how would you define the added value that Lantek provides to its clients?
First of all, the technology; not just in terms of capability, but also in terms of the software itself. It is not an accident that Lantek is located in the birthplace of the machine tool and that gives it a very particular DNA. In addition, the company has a knowledge base that covers all the machine tool technology for sheet metal cutting. Finally, I would point to our global presence which is a major pillar of the company’s success. It is very inspiring to see these three points so clearly highlighted in Lantek.

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