Additives combat corrosive effects of salts and fluids

9th October 2017
Source: Cortec
Posted By : Peter Smith

It can often be necessary to use corrosive seawater, brine solutions, or deicing chemicals for municipal and industrial applications, but these can create a major problem for any metals in the system. Cortec’s new brochure, “VpCI Additives for Deicing Salts and Fluids,” describes additives to combat these  corrosive fluids containing salts. VpCI additives form a thin molecular corrosion inhibiting layer that adsorbs on the surface of the metal, displacing existing water, chlorides, or other corrosive contaminants on the surface. 

These additives can be used in many applications where a high concentration of chlorides raises the risk of corrosion.

These include harsh marine or winter environments regularly expose boats, vehicles, or equipment to heavy doses of chlorides—either from naturally salty sea spray, or from road spray that contains deicing chemicals for winter road safety. This results in salt buildup on the vehicle body or equipment surface. If left untouched, salt buildup leads to heavier corrosion, rust, and vehicle deterioration. It is important to clean these chlorides off as soon as possible to minimize potential corrosion.

Cortec’s new brochure offers a more effective way to do this with FlashCorr VpCI, a wash water additive that plays an important role in removing salt deposits from vehicle and equipment surfaces. FlashCorr VpCI has a unique ability to neutralize and remove salt deposits such as sodium chloride and various deicing salts. It also protects against the risk of flash rust from washing. FlashCorr VpCI is highly effective, non-toxic, and environmentally safe.

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