Providing precise metering of viscous fluid flows

24th February 2017
Posted By : Anna Flockett
Providing precise metering of viscous fluid flows

The oval gear flowmeters from the Titan Enterprises OG Series provide precise metering of viscous fluid flows at flow rates up to 500l/min, temperatures at up to 150°C and pressures up to 700bar. Beneficially the measurement accuracy of OG flowmeters improves as the liquid viscosity increases, from a nominal one percent to around 0.1% of flow rate at higher viscosities.

In a Titan OG flowmeter - oval shaped gear-toothed rotors rotate within a chamber of specified geometry. As these rotors turn, they sweep out and trap a very precise volume of fluid between the outer oval shape of the gears and the inner chamber walls with none of the fluid actually passing through the gear teeth. 

Magnets are embedded in the rotors which then actuate a reed switch or provide a pulse output via a Hall Effect sensor. Each pulse or switch closure then represents a precise increment of liquid volume that passes through the metre. The result is highly accurate flow measurement almost immune from the effects of varying fluid viscosity, density and temperature.

Titan OG flowmeters are available in sizes from 0.25-2”, for flows between 1ml/min and 500l/min. Individually flow calibrated, they are supplied with a traceable flow test certificate, for flows both in forward and reverse directions, if necessary. 

There are options available for monitoring of aggressive/hazardous fluids or inclusion of feature windows to allow visual flow checking. Each OG flowmeter provides an electronic pulse output enabling simple interfacing with flow rate indicators or machine control systems.

Compact and ruggedly designed – Titan Oval Gear flowmeters combine high performance with a low cost of ownership.

Viscous flow monitoring applications benefiting from Titan OG flowmeters including monitoring of lubrication-flow in compressors and rock-crushing machinery, forward and reverse fuel flows on marine diesel engines, syrup injections in beverage lines, automated dispensing of cooking oils, flow rate and volume of batch chemicals as well as monitoring wax finishes, perfumes and sizing chemicals that are sprayed onto paper.

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