Continuously monitoring medical compressed air

4th June 2015
Posted By : Jacqueline Regnier
  Continuously monitoring medical compressed air

With a system that was specifically developed for monitoring the compressed-air quality in the medical field, the compressed-air system company BEKO TECHNOLOGIES extends its METPOINT measuring equipment family. The new device for the continuous quality assurance of breathing air monitoring boasts decisive unique features, such as a daily auto calibration and measuring-gas humidification for the increased operational reliability and long-term stability of the measuring cells.

METPOINT MMA from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES allows for the uninterrupted 24-hour monitoring of the sensitive medical compressed air, which is of utmost relevance to patients' safety, according to the specifications of the pharmacopoeia.

The system continuously monitors all of the seven decisive parameters in the central breathing-air supply. It records the values for the oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, and nitrogen oxide content, and for nitrous gases and the water vapour content.

Here, the system makes the purity of the breathing air visible in several ways: preset alarm parameters guarantee the compliance with the limit values that are stipulated in the European

Pharmacopoeia, while the uninterrupted documentation of all the measured values supports the quality management of the hospital.

With the proof of compliance with the legally stipulated limit values regarding components and pollutants in the compressed air, pharmacists in clinics meet the legally binding obligations of the European Pharmacopoeia. At the same time, they can be sure at all times to supply breathing air as well as is possible in its purest form to their patients.

The system from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES has a vast head start in terms of development and safety through its unique auto calibration function. In contrast to, in the best case, sporadic adjustment during service measures, calibration in the METPOINT MMA is effected daily and automatically via defined measuring gases. Therefore, the user can be sure at all times to obtain correctly determined measured values and does not need to rely on only one or two calibrations per year.

Another unique feature of the system is the regular humidification of the measuring cells with water vapour via an internal, closed circuit system. This technology reliably prevents the electrochemical measuring cells from drying out. The results of this proceeding are the significantly enhanced operational reliability, increased long-term stability, and considerably lower maintenance costs due the longer service life of the measuring cells.

With the new METPOINT MMA, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES also transfers its enormous experience portfolio from compressed-air processing and measurement engineering to quality assurance in the medical field.

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