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Aerospace Company Offers New Full-Plane 3D Scans With Z Corporation’s ZScanner 700 PX

When a 30-year-old aircraft arrives in the hangar for retrofitting or repair, the more information engineers have the better. That’s why Texas-based aviation services company M7 Aerospace is now offering a new service to create precise, three-dimensional portraits of entire planes down to one-thousandth of an inch. To execute the job, M7 purchased a Z Corporation ZScanner® 700 PX, the world’s only handheld laser scanner that precision-scans large objects such as aircraft and automobiles – items that previously have been too big to capture by hand.
18th December 2009

Z Corporation Releases zp150 Material for ZPrinter 310 Plus and Spectrum Z510 3D Printers for Stronger, Whiter Models

Owners of the Z Corporation ZPrinter® 310 Plus and Spectrum Z™510 3D printers can now produce 3D physical models that are stronger and more colorful, with brilliant whites, thanks to the company’s new zp®150 premium composite build material. zp150 also enables users of all current-generation ZPrinters to use water as the curing agent for finishing multicolor models.
18th December 2009

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