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Pencil-type contact sensors

Pencil-type contact sensors
Enclosed in a cylinder measuring barely 8 mm in diameter, the novel head of the pencil-type GT2 Series sensor enables absolute measurements with an accuracy of 1 µm.Keyence's GT2 Series contact sensors stand out for their 1 µm accuracy - ten times higher than that of competing products - and their 0.1 µm display resolution. Their ease of installation, thanks in particular to their broad range of accessories, makes the GT2 Series ideal for all types of industrial inspection applications. Keyence has now reached a new milestone. Keyence's GT2 contact sensor has been considerably slimmed down to the size of a pencil. Enclosed in a cylinder measuring barely 8 mm in diameter, the GT2 now fits in even the tightest inspection spaces.
15th January 2015

VHX-5000 – New Digital Microscope Eliminates Need for Focus Adjustment

VHX-5000 – New Digital Microscope Eliminates Need for Focus Adjustment
The latest microscope from KEYENCE revolutionises how imaging and analysis are performed. By integrating the most recent advancements in optical and digital technologies, the VHX-5000 Digital Microscope is able to instantly capture any area in complete focus – without the need for the user to adjust focus. The VHX Series was designed to overcome the limitations of traditional optical microscopes by providing high-resolution, large depth-of-field imaging and integrated 2D/3D measurement in a system that anyone can easily pick up and operate without any specialised training.
16th October 2014

IM-6500 Series

IM-6500 Series
The IM-6500 Series from Keyence is a new type of measurement device. It is a completely new concept to rival established measuring equipment such as profile projectors, measuring microscopes or automatic CNC measuring machines. The dimensional measurement concept of the IM-6500 series utilises state of the art imaging technology, thus enabling any user to perform reliable measurements in a minimum of time and with an increased accuracy. You simply place a part on a measurement stage, push the button and up to 99 dimensions are measured in a few seconds with accuracies down to 0.7 micron. No tiresome positioning, nor risks of measurement variance or deviation between individual operators. The simplicity of use results in the IM-6500 series emerging as a massive cost saving alternative to traditional time consuming measurement processes.
20th April 2012

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