As one door closes another one opens

15th June 2017
Posted By : Anna Flockett
As one door closes another one opens

Industrial roller shutter doors are often taken for granted, but having one become unreliable or fail completely can have significant consequences for a business’s operations. Nick Cox of sara LBS looks at the possible problems and explains why quality is built into every sara LBS door.

Industrial doors are usually unsung heroes in company success stories. You don’t often hear boardroom directors praising their reliable and efficient roller shutter doors – although you hear soon enough if the doors let them down. sara LBS industrial doors are therefore designed for supreme reliability over a long service life.

sara LBS supplies, installs and maintains high speed and industrial roller shutter doors for warehouse, production line, cleanroom and food processing environments. Within this range are insulated and fire-safe roller shutter doors, sectional overhead doors and hinged steel doors; while its Sprint range of fast action doors offers high opening speeds and improved safety for internal and external applications.

The worst-case scenario for a door failure would probably be for the door to be stuck in the closed position, in which case an alternative route would have to be implemented if operations are to continue. This would lead to process disruption and a possible drop in efficiency levels.

Of course it is also problematic if the door becomes stuck in the open position. Security would certainly be compromised in many cases; also, bio-security would be compromised with external doors, because there would be free access for birds and possibly ground animals, including vermin. A stuck internal door could mean hygiene standards would not be maintained between sections of a facility. A stuck-open door could also allow heated, cooled, conditioned or filtered air to escape, leading to a very expensive energy bill.

Finally, a stuck (open or closed) fire safety door could lead to the entire building being shut down and evacuated or, even worse, the spreading of a fire from one department to the next.

Aware of all these possible scenarios and the inevitable consequences, sara LBS has developed a robust, multi-facetted approach to ensuring the reliability of its industrial doors. Firstly, manufacturing quality is built into each unit. Secondly, its design and installation teams are trained to accept nothing less than perfection. Thirdly it recommends a rigorous maintenance programme that will keep the door in good working order and catch any developing issues before they become serious problem.

Additionally, sara LBS is geared up to be able to respond quickly and effectively to any major problems that arise in the field. Its engineers and technicians are trained to recognise when a door is coming towards the end of its working life and to recommend options to ensure continued reliability.

sara LBS is a total package provider and can design, install and support industrial doors to suit any situation. Starting with high quality product solutions, each component of each door is carefully selected to meet the exact needs of the application. As well as the door itself, sara LBS can supply motors and drives, light curtains and automated controls, safety edges to protect personnel, vehicle guidance systems and other ancillary components.

This is backed up with outstanding customer service and industry-leading repair and maintenance provision for all doors and loading bay equipment, including nationwide 24/7 repair and maintenance service cover with rapid emergency response times. By working closely with individual customers, sara LBS can extend the safe working lifetime of doors and related equipment by providing both preventative maintenance packages and repairs.

sara LBS is particularly pleased to support sectors with specialist needs, such as food processing, pharmaceutical and cleanroom, automotive, manufacturing, warehouse, logistics and distribution. Effectively serving such a range of applications requires a quality product backed by technical expertise. Via this combination, sara LBS can ensure that end users can rely on the increased safety and efficiency benefits a well specified industrial door can provide.

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