Are pedestrian doors in workplaces earning their worth?

3rd January 2018
Posted By : Anna Flockett
Are pedestrian doors in workplaces earning their worth?

When is a door not a door? This is not a trick question, as according to Nick Cox, a manager with sara LBS, the answer is when it is a high-performance business asset. For business premises and other work-related buildings, such as hospitals, schools, theatres and sports venues, doors must provide security against unauthorised access as well as fire safety, without compromising the efficient passage of people, products and equipment.

Almost everybody with the word ‘manager’ in their job title has some level of responsibility for the security of premises as well as a duty of care in relation to fire escape routes. For many working environments steel personnel doors are a suitable solution, offering aesthetic, functional day-to-day performance as well as safety and security benefits.

sara LBS is perhaps best known for supplying and installing industrial roller doors and loading bay systems. However, it also regularly fits high specification hinged fire exit, security and personnel doors across the full spectrum of building types.

The doors are designed to allow easy access for pedestrians, while offering security and environmental protection. Single and double openings are available in a range of standard and custom sizes, from 690-2,600mm wide and from 2,100-2,900mm high.

The doors can be specified solid or to include windows. Where security is a concern, sara LBS can deliver the windows using toughened glass and can size them to prevent breaking and entering. For its pedestrian doors sara LBS frames are fitted with four dog bolt hinges and a universal lock as standard, with an optional blanking plate if required.

For higher security installations they can also be fitted with an astragal cover over the lock side of the door so that it is almost impossible to lever it open with a crowbar or similar tool. Furthermore, doors can be mounted on dog bolt hinges that are fitted with pins which locate into the hinge side of a door leaf, so that when the door is closed the pins make its mounting more secure and less susceptible to being broken down or lifted off its hinges.

The construction of the doors is based on 1-2mm Zintec, Aluzinc or steel sheets, with a core of either self-supporting resin impregnated honeycomb or solid timber. These designs can be used as fire escape doors: the core does not expand when temperatures rise, so the door remains operable, allowing occupants to escape burning buildings to a place of safety.

The range also includes design with a greater amount of steel, which is intended to expand when subjected to extreme heat. In the event of a fire, this allows it to expand into its frame and prevent smoke and flames from spreading.

sara LBS is able to supply pedestrian doors that are suitable for almost every installation imaginable. To facilitate this wide applicability, they are available in standard sizes and designs and also to bespoke specification to suit individual installations. The doors are available with a range of accessories, such as spring closers, hold-open devices, bells, lights, signage, etc.

They can be supplied as standard in goose wing grey on pre-primed steel or there are multiple other options for the finish, including coloured polyester powder coating, PVC laminate, wood grain effect, stainless steel, brushed, polished or patterned finishes.

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