Ultrasonic technology enhances paper production process

2nd September 2015
Posted By : Mick Elliott
Ultrasonic technology enhances paper production process

A tool that uses ultrasonic technology to enable early prediction of paper and board materials performance, while facilitating the optimisation of key production processes has been unveiled by ABB.The L&W TSO Tester measures Tensile Stiffness Index (TSI) and Tensile Stiffness Orientation (TSO) properties on machine- or cross-machine profile paper samples cut out from the jumbo reel.

The device works by sending an ultrasonic pulse across the paper and measuring velocity in eight different directions.

The results predict the performance of paper used in a sheeting process, in a multi-colour printing process, in laser copying machines and when manufacturing corrugated board. A paper machine using the tester can easily achieve specifications for compressive, tensile and bursting strength.

Typical trouble-shooting and prevention facilitated by the tool relate to the headbox, press and drying sections of the manufacturing process. In the headbox, for example, the device can help manufacturers to identify quickly whether action is required to manage pressure pulsations or deviating pressure profiles. The device can also be used to predict runnability in a range of applications.

When making corrugated board, for example, the device enables manufacturers to avoid warping by ensuring the TSI/TSO measurement of the single face liner matches that of the double backer. Or, in multicolour printing where the hygro-expansion orientation needs to be carefully managed, the instrument’s TSO-angle measurement capabilities can help.

“By providing manufacturers timely access to key measurements,” notes Thomas Fürst, Product Manager, ABB/Lorentzen & Wettre, “papermakers can save on time and raw materials by catching potential issues early in the production cycle.”

A typical cross-directional measurement is performed within five minutes, and provides complete information on the full web width, including edges. The TSI and TSO profiles can be determined at every reel change. Early action can be taken against possible deviations in the following reel, keeping the TSI and TSO values, as well as any calculated strength properties, within pre-determined limits.

To use the instrument, a test strip of paper is cut from the reel, using the profile sample cutter from Lorentzen & Wettre. The strip is attached to the instrument’s feeder and the measurement sequence is automatically performed by pressing the start button. The measurement speed is about six seconds per measuring point.

Thus, the total time required for a complete profiling sequence depends on the length of the sample and the distance between measuring points.L&W TSO Tester consists of a tabletop ultrasonic measuring unit with feeder attachment and PC software for logging of test results.

The colour touchscreen has intuitive menus, user-friendly interface, and a protective surface for easy cleaning and durability.

TSI- and TSO-values are presented on the touchscreen, either in tabular or graphic form. Results can also be printed on the built-in printer, on a network printer or exported via Ethernet.

The instrument acts as an FTP-server and test results can be retrieved by an FTP-client. The complete measuring station can be placed either in the machine control room or in the laboratory. All results can be stored for further analysis or for transfer to other computers.


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