More Comprehensive Industrial Networking Capabilities Added to Magnetostrictive Sensors

24th November 2015
Posted By : Jacqueline Regnier
More Comprehensive Industrial Networking Capabilities Added to Magnetostrictive Sensors

MTS Sensors has made enhancements to its R-Series of high performance magnetostrictive sensors for absolute position measurement. The series now conforms with the latest version of the EtherNet/IP communication protocol with device-level ring (DLR) compatibility, having recently recertified against the ODVA EtherNet/IP Composite Conformance Test revision CT12. Through this, interfacing with a wider array of EtherNet/IP compliant hardware across numerous industry sectors has been made possible - such as factory automation systems, plastic injection molding apparatus and materials handling equipment. 

These enhanced R-Series sensors are better equipped for industrial networking implementations than ever before. Their device-level ring (DLR) capability permits direct connection to a ring topology without the inconvenience of external switches needing to be employed.  Via the DLR device-level network re-routing and failure point identification customers can realize the benefits of improved reliability and shorter network recovery periods.

“By supporting the most recent ODVA EtherNet/IP™ version with extended DLR, customers will find it much simpler to incorporate our sensors into network infrastructure.” states Matt Hankinson, Technical Marketing Manager at MTS Sensors. ”They will thereby benefit from greater interoperability, improved diagnostics, easier configuration, fewer additional components and reduced cabling costs.”

The R-Series of linear position sensing devices are among the most popular in MTS Sensors’ product portfolio. They are offered in a choice of rod style, profile style and flex style configurations, with stroke lengths of 25mm to 7620mm (1 in. to 300 in.), 25mm to 5080mm (1 in. to 200 in.) and 255mm to 10,060mm (10in. to 396in.) respectively. The rod style units are optimized for implementation in hydraulic cylinders, while the profile style units facilitate machine mounting and the flex style units are a flexible sensor offering which provides trouble-free performance in applications requiring very long stroke lengths and linear measurements on an arc. Based on proprietary Temposonics® magnetostrictive sensing technology, these sensors all maintain repeatability to within a margin of ±0.001% (full stroke). The rod and profile style units support 1μm resolution levels and their linearity deviation is less than ±0.01% (full stroke). The flex style unit specifications have 2µm resolution and ±0.02% linearity deviation.

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