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Vacon extends its powers

Vacon extends its powers
The popular VACON 100 range of AC variable speed drives has been extended to include models rated up to 800 kW. This means that users can now benefit from the unique combination of features offered by these drives in virtually all industrial and commercial applications, even the most demanding.
30th July 2015

Vacon One of 18 Companies Targeted for $70M in DoE Support for Next Generation Power Electronics Institute

Vacon, has been named one of 18 industry-leading companies to participate in the Next Generation Power Electronics Institute at North Carolina State University. The Institute will bring research and commercial product development resources together in a centralized location to improve and make cost-competitive wide-bandgap (WBG) semiconductor-based power electronics. Over the next five years the institute will be financed with $70M in Department of Energy support plus a collective $70M contribution from participating companies and other partners.
14th October 2014

Multipump control solution

Multipump control solution
The VACON 100 FLOW is an AC drive specifically designed to improve flow control for multi-pump applications in which several pumps are used in place of a single one. Multiple pump solutions are desirable to lighten the load by spreading it across several pumps, thus providing greater energy efficiency and system redundancy – if one pump fails, the others can take up the additional load. For operations in which demand fluctuates throughout the course of the day, such as a municipal water system providing peak water consumption in the morning and minimal usage at night, the VACON 100 FLOW offers unsurpassed control of flow and pressure for a maximum of eight pumps (or fans) without the need for an external controller — communication between drives is provided by integrated RS-485. The VACON 100 FLOW AC Drive is equipped with built-in Ethernet as standard, eliminating any additional options or gateways needed to communicate with process automation. This also provides access for commissioning and maintenance through “VACON Live” and makes local or remote monitoring possible.
3rd October 2014

UL Type 4X enclosure allows drive to withstand test of time

UL Type 4X enclosure allows drive to withstand test of time
A decentralised drive, equipped with advanced control capabilities to ensure processes run exactly as intended, has been launched by Vacon. The VACON 100 X supports both induction and permanent magnet motors up to 50 HP (37 kW) and is suited for a wide-range of applications. 
2nd September 2014

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