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How electrical engineering has shaped the modern world

From light bulbs and television, to cell phones and GPS, modern advances in electrical engineering have illuminated, informed and connected the world. However, did you know electrical engineering can be traced back to long before Thomas Edison?
23rd June 2017

Environmental engineering solutions to tourism on coastlines

Advances in transportation technology over the past ten years or so have transformed tourism into a huge industry. In fact, some local economies rely heavily on tourism. However, in some cases, the negative effects of tourism on the environment outweigh its economic benefits.
1st March 2017

Civil Engineering: A solid job market

The US engineering sector is one of the most vibrant sectors in the country with about 1.6 million jobs currently available to qualified candidates. What’s more, the number of available jobs is likely to rise as the civil engineering sector is expected to experience healthy growth in the future.
28th February 2017

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