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Davall Stock Gears introduction to Torque limiters.

All rotating systems have energy (inertia) to cause significant machine damage during a system overload. This inertia varies, based on the RPM and rotating mass for each application. A rotating mass made to stop suddenly, may cause machine damage, and a large mass rotating at a slow speed (RPM) has the potential to do more damage than a large mass rotating at a high speed. Overload devices are employed as a mechanical fuse, to protect machines, and permit the energy to dissipate, without causing excessive damage. At low speeds, systems can develop unnecessary twisting power, torque. In the advent of a failure this torque can damage expensive drive components (Shafts, Gearboxes, Chain, Couplings...), or be situated in a location which leads to prolonged production down time.
17th February 2011

Shaft couplings from Davall Stock Gears

Shaft couplings from Davall Stock Gears
Davall Stock Gears announce the introduction of a range of miniature, flexible, and backlash free shaft couplings to compliment the existing range of product listed in their catalogue. These new couplings are particularly suited for low power, high-speed applications e.g. optical encoders, tacho generators etc.
12th May 2008

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