Atlas Copco expands in power and energy sectors

3rd April 2018
Posted By : Anna Flockett
Atlas Copco expands in power and energy sectors


Did you know that the UK has the best knowledge about energy efficiency than any other country? This is a strength that Atlas Copco are definitely taking on board, with its spilt in one division, the energy section.  

The company’s business areas and corporate functions include:

  • Compressor Technique
  • Vacuum Technique
  • Industrial technique
  • Power Technique
  • (With mining and rock excavation technique, soon to be its own company)

Last year was a big year for the company and equally for power technique. Atlas Copco invested in some areas and contrastingly sold some areas, but one thing that was a big focus was the big investments made into the power and flow sector, and in addition there was a spilt in one division – energy.

Andrew Walker, President of the Atlas Copco Power Technique business area commented at the event: “Our core competency is providing power solutions to thousands of sites all over the world. We are now focused purely on three pillars - air, power and flow, and will continue to accelerate our research and NPD efforts in these areas to pioneer the technology of the future. We are committed to offering our customers and partners premium products that will deliver exceptional value and enhance the productivity of their businesses at the lowest possible total cost of ownership.”

Walker added: “Now the company is stable, customer focused and ready for this year. 2017 was actually a great year, with more of a focus on power, flow and compressed air. Now it’s time for energy.”

Launched back in June 2017, Power Technique provides on-site air, power and flow solutions for sustainable productivity. Construction is still a big base for Atlas Copco, the company has just now decided to venture out to do more. This division is focused on service and business and works on customer value.

Power Technique is regional all over the world, so it is made to suit all different needs, and has the ability to look at growing opportunities.

The Power and Flow division, is the latest division developed by Atlas Copco and was born 1st January 2018. The three product categories it covers includes:

  • Power – such as generators
  • Light – such as lighting towers
  • Flow - such as pumps

The complete power portfolio from Atlas Copco includes the power of connectivity QAS generators, withstanding the elements of QES generators, power without compromise in industrial generators, fully loaded containers and power on the move with portable generators.

The complete light portfolio includes diesel-driven LED and MH HiLight range, electric LED HiLight range, and battery powered LED HiLight range. However as diesel becomes less and less popular that has been a clear increase in the battery powered range, and Atlas Copco believe this will continue as companies and the government try and move even further away from diesel.

The final part of the trio, the complete flow portfolio includes small portable pumps, electric submersible pumps and centrifugal and piston pumps.

To remain efficient and competitive Atlas Copco ensure that its machines are connected, by implementing connectivity in the most efficient machines it has led to the latest innovation the QAC 1450 twin power machine which is leading in space efficiency and fuel efficiency.

One feature of the HiLight B5 is that once the machine is set up, it can be left to fend for itself. Even when the mast is raised, and bad weather such as wind start to occur, the mast is programmed to lower itself to a suitable and safe level so that is no damage. Additionally Atlas Copco believe the new QAS variable speed generator to be a game changer.

So what does the future look like for Atlas Copco?

  • Efficient diesel engines
  • Variable speed
  • Power electronics

Additionally, Adrian Ridge, Manager of Power and Flow pointed out that one big thing the future holds is increasing hybrids and in particular the use of battery, as soon this will be a lot more desirable as people begin to think more about the environment.

Power Technique Service
Atlas Copco are dedicated to providing a fully focused service. This is shown throughout its service network of dedicated global networks which are in more than 180 markets, and the dealer network. It also includes a skilled workforce of highly trained personnel around the world, factory trained technicians and technical service courses.

The company claims to only produce high quality parts and services which include genuine parts, fluids and lubricants, service plans, inspection plans, refurbishments and overhauls. And finally it now has an area of online business and support with features such as e-commerce, online part books, warranty handling and fleet monitoring.

Alessandro Fantacone, head of the power technique service said: “Bringing digital innovation to products is important and this is done through a connected fleet. The new fleet link service allows customers to control its devices from mobile, laptop or a desktop connection.”

This means customers can run fleet and control services on the fleet. The Fleet Link service provides information on location, it has performance indicators, and can perform function lockouts when needed, for example if machinery was stolen and it is compatible with iOS and Androids devices.

In addition to Atlas Copco’s online services, there is now ‘Power Connect’ which is an online system which allows customers to identify vital information on specific machines.

Features include:

  • QR Scanner
  • Product info
  • Part manuals
  • Tutorial videos
  • Calculators
  • Online shop

This app allows you to find out so much information into which parts you might need and then also has the ability to order these parts immediately for you. This is helpful for technicians as they have everything they need all in one place on the app.

All the online platform are secure, as taking it back to Fleet Link, there is a cyber-security password required as security is such an issue in today’s online world. The number of customers using this service is growing very quickly, and Atlas Copco has in fact automatically implementing to come as customary with some of its machines. The Fleet Link is a worldwide service, however at the moment there are some current restrictions with some GPS areas.

Atlas Copco wishes to remain market leaders in areas such as air, power and flow and therefore it is important to be a global player.

One area where the company will continue to concentrate on is environmental awareness. There is a constant renewal of equipment fleet to meet all the latest environmental standard and regulations.

Sometimes it is about more than just machines, and you have to think about totally sustainable solutions for the environment. By being connected online Atlas Copco can save on a large number of resources, and can serve its customers at anywhere at any time.

In the last few years Atlas Copco has become more and more involved in projects related to green energy, some examples of this include the offshore wind turbine foundation, which is class zero oil-free air to create a bubble curtain for sound mitigation during piling of the foundation for offshore wind turbines.

Atlas Copco has also been involved in bio mass plant inerting, which takes nitrogen for the bio mass (bio methane, wood pellets) plant to inert the tanks during commissioning or maintenance. Windfarm commissioning is another area, where Atlas Copco use power generators to operate the safety systems until grid power is connected.

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